January 16, 2023

STEP Now – Skills and Training for Young People

STEP NOW are eager to change this narrative and provide the younger disadvantaged generation with the awareness and mindset, they wish they had, when making decisions in vital areas of their lives, as they stepped into adulthood. Their objective is to use their relatability to empower, educate and mentor youths, through imparting knowledge, sharing relatable experiences and giving them a safe place to learn, be heard and stay motivated. They want to provide young people with the strength, mindset and tangible tools to overcome undesired experiences and not let their struggles define them, but rather use this resilient mindset to put them on a level playing field with their more privileged counterparts within society. STEP NOW is about prevention and using themselves as a relatable example, to show youths that there are alternatives to gang culture, a life on the road and just settling for mediocre. https://www.stepnow.co.uk/#/contact https://www.stepnow.co.uk/#/